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Terms and conditions for business Schiphol service

1] These rates are ordered and confirmed on the basis of a single journey and 24 hours before departure.
Calculate your pick-up time from home / company not too tight , we reserve the right to adjust the time you want to our timetable.

If you are late to reserve in advance, please inform us about the possible availability and price of that moment, maybe we can still offer you our service at another adjusted rate.

2] We assume 1 piece of luggage per person (+ hand luggage), we also charge a “trolley” as luggage

If you are traveling with less than 5 people, but your luggage consists of more (golf bags, foldable wheelchair etc) than would fit in a normal taxi, you must state this in advance and the mini-bus fare will be charged to you.

3] If necessary, we can combine you with other users of our Schiphol service (we will use acceptable driving times of no longer than 15 minutes, so you do not reserve too tight in time).
In the case of a combination, our rates remain unchanged.

4] If you only pick up Schiphol between 00:00 and 06:00 we will add € 10.00 extra in costs

5] When reserving multiple pick-up or destination addresses within Zaanstad, we assume the address that is the most distant from the airport, for each extra address € 7.50 extra will be charged at the top of the Schiphol tariff.
For an additional pick-up or destination address in Amsterdam, we charge a surcharge of € 25.00.

6] If you only have a pick-up or reserved a return trip, we kindly request you to call your mobile phone when you arrive at Schiphol Airport, but you must inform us of your arrival after you have received the full baggage again. .
The reason for this is that if one or more pieces of your luggage have not arrived or are damaged, you must first report this to Schiphol Airport itself, which may cause us unnecessarily long waiting times.
It is also necessary for us to always be able to contact you about, for example, where you will meet the driver.

7] You have the option to pay in the taxi with credit card.

8] If you are not in possession of a mobile phone, you can not reserve a trip from Schiphol.